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WOLF Forest Protection Movement protects natural forests in middle-europe region for fifteen years. We buy endangered forests and state there private reserves with no interventions. We reveal thievery and illegal activities in forests, with straight actions in terrain we stop lodging the rests of the most beautiful slovak forests, publish books, fliers, organize lectures, terrain seminars and international conferences.

We depend only on immense help and work of our members and sympathizers, not on government, Europe Union or big companies. But enthusiation is not sufficient. Forests can be bought only with money. We need geodesists, aerial photographies, studies, lawyers, bills.
We want our activities to be supported in principle by those it serves - ordinary people.

You can use following support methods:

  • Buy your own tree - you can help to save fir-beach forest in Čergov mountain by the symbolic purchase of real tree. Contribution will be used only to purchase a forest. This form of funding is unique in whole world. More...
  • 77 banknote - month standing order assures funding of the rest of our activities and office operation.
  • Contribution - if you unfit any of these methods, however you want to donor WOLF with some amount, you can send arbitrary contribution on our special account. We will use it as in previous section.

Necessary informations:

Payment from the world sk

Recipient (Account name) Lesoochranarske zoskupenie VLK, 082 13 Tulcik 310
Bank name and address Ceskoslovenska obchodna banka, Hlavna 96, 080 01 Presov
IBAN/BIC - Buy your own tree SK84 7500 0000 0003 8320 0623 / CEKOSKBX
IBAN/BIC - 77 banknote SK23 7500 0000 0004 1307 2483 / CEKOSKBX
IBAN/BIC - Other contributions SK06 7500 0000 0003 8321 7353 / CEKOSKBX