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Collection status

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  • 12. 06. 2022

In 1997 the WOLF Forest Protection Movement began a campaign to save a native beech-fir forest stand in the Čergov Mountains of eastern Slovakia. The forest stand, extending over 21 hectares, costs 3.2 million Slovak Crowns (an equivalent of about 100,000 US$) and at the present time WOLF is already the owner. From 2006 we've used 179 697 € and buy next 50 hectars of forests in Jarabinčík, Olišavec a Solisko localities.

For the forest purchase up to now
it has been possible to get

1 822 contributions

at a total value of

3 200 000 SKK

from 19 countries of the world.

Warm thanks to all contributors!

For the extension of the Wolf Reserve it has been possible up to 31.12.2008 to get

2287 contributions

at a total value of

3 788 000 SKK

from 10 countries of the world.

Warm thanks to all contributors!

For the extension of the Wolf Reserve from 1.1.2009 it has been possible up to now

  • 3885
contributions at a total value of
313 302,58 EUR
711 707,08 CZK

from many countries of the world.

Warm thanks to all contributors!

The collection goes on as the Wolf Reserve is to be enlarged continuously. We have bought next almost 15 ha as interests in the forest on nearby parcels.

Our reserve may be small by now, but soon this might change. In order to become a proper stable evolution forest in the future it should extend over a larger area. Our objective for the years to come is to collect 27 million crowns so as to gradually purchase the 180 hectares adjacent to the Wolf reserve.

How ?

According to the forestry expert’s measurements there are 11,548 trees of a trunk perimeter larger than 7cm/3in growing in the Wolf Reserve. 3,200 trees were sold symbolically for the purchase of the Wolf Reserve. By selling the remaining 8,348 trees we can obtain more than 8 million crowns (US$ 240,000) and buy in the first hectares of the planned total area of the reserve’s extension.

If you want to join those who have helped save the first 21 hectares please buy your own tree according to the instructions on this website. We will keep informing all contributors once a year just as until now on the status of the collection and on all what concerns the forest protection.

Brief statistics

  • Most contributors are from Slovakia, followed by the Czech Republic, Great Britain, Switzerland, Germany, USA, Belgium and Poland.
  • The most distant donor is from Australia.
  • The youngest recipient was a then still unborn godchild of a multiple contributor from Belgium.
  • The donor of the most trees (162 up till now!) is from Liptov, Slovakia.
  • Unusual donations were gold rings, which were found at a recycling centre.

Trees have been symbolically bought mostly by individuals, but also by groups, school classes and whole schools, companies and institutions. In Slovakia for the support of the collection small benefit concerts have been organised as well as various joint donations, such as Bystrica tea drinking, when students from the grammar school sold herbal tea and gave the profits from sales for trees. The Tatra WOLF tribe bought trees from the sale of hips and all WOLF tribes organised many stalls throughout Slovakia with the help of cooperating organisations, at which money was also collected for the forest stand.

In Slovakia schools of all kinds have also significantly joined in the campaign: universities, secondary and primary schools and even two nursery schools.
Will your school or class join in too?

Well-known and significant contributors

Well-known people who have supported with the symbolic purchase of trees and our friends and supporters who besides their generous contributions also have helped us collect the funds abroad:


  • Some former and current ministers and members of the Parliament, Prime Minister, Chairman of the Constitutional Court
  • Former Ambassador to the USA Martin Bútora
  • Ethnologist Arne B. Mann
  • Journalist and photographer Andrej Bán
  • Director of Slovenský raj National Park Dušan Bevilaqua
  • Singer Jožo Ráž
  • Writer Jana Bodnárová
  • Sinologist Marina Čarnogurská
  • Robin Rigg, Slovak Wildlife Society

Other countries:

  • Philosopher Erazim Kohák, Czech Republic
  • Czech folk singer Jaromír Nohavica
  • Nobel Prize winner for literature Wislawa Szymborska, Poland
  • Polish writer Olga Tokarczuk
  • Czech sociologist Hana Librová
  • Richard Morley, Wolf Society of Great Britain
  • Francois Van Meulebeke & Francois Dubois, International Wolf Federation, Belgium
  • John Seed & Ruth Rosenhek, Rainforest Information Center, Australia
  • Brock Evans, Endangered Species Coalition, USA
  • Bernd Damisch, Wolf tribe in Germany
  • Caroline Cox, NCAP, USA
  • Martina & Mirko Olostiak, Germany
  • Nick Allen, USA
  • Andrew Beath and Patrick Anderson
  • Janine Selendy, Horizon International, Yale University, USA
  • Tim Cadman, Australia
  • Pro Natura - FoE Switzerland

While waiting for the designation of the Wolf Reserve, life of many people has been changed significantly. We have lost contact with some symbolic tree owners who had moved, many people got married, a number of new babies were born and, unfortunately, some of the supporters have never learned that after a tough five-year struggle the Wolf Reserve had come to its existence in 2004. Thus we would like to express our sincere gratitude in memory of our friends, great experts and wonderful people, Czech forester and scientist Igor Míchal and Robert Lyle, who devoted his life to saving wolves in Spain.


Members and friends of WOLF and many other non-governmental organisations from Slovakia as well as abroad help us with collections. Without these devoted people, who invest money, time and energy into the campaign, this forest stand could not be saved.

We gratefully thank ALL donors and helpers!