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What have we done

Since there are no such protected areas in Slovakia, where any human activity would be excluded, and hunting and logging take place in each national park and reserve, WOLF is creating a network of private reserves, in which plants and animals have the possibility to evolve their environment towards maximum stability without any human intervention and to live their own proper and undisturbed lives. We call this network Evolution forests®. Our long-term vision is a network of an area of 4,000 km2 (1,500 square miles).

What have we achieved:

nature reserve "Vlčia (Wolf Reserve)", 21 ha (52 acres), Čergov Mountains, way of procurement: individual contributions in the total amount of 3.2 million SKK (US$ 100,000)

nature reserve "Rysia (Lynx Reserve)", 37 ha (91 acres), Strážovské Mountains, way of procurement: gift worth 5 million SKK (US$ 160,000)

nature reserve "Suchá dolina (Dry Valley)", (Dry Valley)", 160 ha (395 acres), TANAP - Tatra National Park, way of procurement: 40-year lease, 3.5 million SKK (US$ 110,000)

nature reserve "Udava", 393,30 ha (973 acres), Bukovské Mountains, extended state reserve

nature reserve "Kyjov Forest", 397,42 ha (984 acres), Vihorlat Mountains, extended state reserve

nature reserve "Bisce", 28,01 ha (69 acres), The East Slovak lowland, floodplain forest, new state reserve

nature reserve "Borsukov vrch", 146 ha (361 acres), Bukovské Mountains, new state reserve

... many legislative improvements for better protection of our nature and its processes, hundreds of saved bears and wolfs, restriction of pesticides use, tens of published books, increase of population awareness, etc.