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The Wolf Private Nature Reserve

The Wolf Private Nature Reserve has an area of 21.24 hectares and is situated in Prešov region, in the Čergov Mountains, within the cadastre of the community Olejníkov, in the spring area of the Ľutinka stream. WOLF has aquired the forest from a private landowner.

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Please send EUR 50 to our bank account number or send a cheque to our mailing address. Please, let us know your address and we will send you a certificate, sticker and letter of thanks. In case you want to give a tree as a present, please include the person's name and address.

We thank in advance all who, at Christmas time and other holidays, also think of trees, plants, animals and other forest beings.

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  • 12. 06. 2022

In 1997 the WOLF Forest Protection Movement began a campaign to save a native beech-fir forest stand in the Čergov Mountains of eastern Slovakia. The forest stand, extending over 21 hectares, costs 3.2 million Slovak Crowns (an equivalent of about 100,000 US$) and at the present time WOLF is already the owner. From 2006 we've used 179 697 € and buy next 50 hectars of forests in Jarabinčík, Olišavec a Solisko localities.