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Pesticides - materials

Documents about the chemical substances used for killing of weed, insect and fungus with the analysis of negative influences on the human health. Documents are in PDF format (you'll need an Acrobat Reader to read it).

Pesticides description

bofix_fr.pdf (11 kB)Oficialn document about the herbicide Bofix (french) (golf course Tále)
clopyralid.pdf (110 kB)Main ingredient of the common used pesticides (golf course Tále)
diazinoneco.pdf (94 kB)Dangerous organofosfat insecticide - effects on the environment
diazinontox.pdf (51 kB)Dangerous organofosfat insecticide - toxic effects
glyintro.pdf (29 kB)About the most widely used herbicide - Roundup (golf course Tále)
glyphopsate.pdf (137 kB)Ingredient of the most widely used herbicide - Roundup (golf course Tále)
lontrelm.pdf (21 kB)Oficial document about the herbicide Lontrel
mcpapdf.pdf (18 kB)Oficial document about the herbicide MCPA (golf course Tále)
starane2.pdf (21 kB)Oficial document about the herbicide Starane 200 (golf course Tále)
starane_.pdf (25 kB)Oficial document about the herbicide Starane (golf course Tále)
cypermethrin.pdf (124 kB)Insecticide commonly used in slovak forests (Low Tatras)
glufosinate.pdf (45 kB)Dangerous herbicide
vaztak10ec.pdf (30 kB)Insecticide used against the larch bark beetle (Low Tatras)
vaztak10ec2.pdf (101 kB)


edpesticidy.pdf (511 kB)Endocrine pesticides- new dangerous NEW
activeinertsrpt.pdf (137 kB)About the substances in solitudes - inerts
basicwater.pdf (7 kB)How pesticides contaminate our rivers and springs
bcancerreport.pdf (148 kB)Pesticedes and the breast cancer. Prevention is necessary
birds.pdf (227 kB)Pesticides harm even birds. From DDT to the newest poisons
eparegis.pdf (126 kB)Register of allowed preparations doesn't ensure the security
foodbrochure.pdf (34 kB)Pesticides - substances proposed to kill. They are even in our food !
golfcourses_pesticides.pdf (253 kB)Pesticides and golf. Can be poisons mixed with the sport ?
hazards.pdf (345 kB)Threats at the manufacture and transport
inertsreport.pdf (164 kB)Concealment of the ingredients in pesticíides
keepingsecrets.pdf (219 kB)Who and why conceal "harmless" inerts in the pesticides ?
masculinity.pdf (58 kB)Amount of man sperms rapidly diminishes. Not only in the world, but even in our country. Do you think, that pesticides are not involved in the case? Read this material.
psandkids.pdf (379 kB)Pesticides and children
willreport.pdf (160 kB)48 pesticides found in one basin of american state Oregon. Do you think your country is not threaten?

If you didn't found your pesticide or you have question about the forests and pesticides, contact us at, members of our expert board will answer you.