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To live a dignified life, we need a healthy country. Such a country needs natural forests. At the present time, however, forests are on the margin of interest of state administration as well as of the considerable part of population. And even if someone happens to take interest in the forests, they are regarded only as a potential source of profit. Slovak forests ravaged by clearcuts are exported abroad under scandalous circumstances and under the supervision of state administration. The bad state of forests resulting from the tragic forest management is being justified in the public by use of lame excuses about air pollution. The truth, however, is hidden in the forest management plans, kept a secret tooth and nail. The forest companies keep asking for state subsidies for forest "damages", at the same time killing off all predators that are capable of eliminating these damages in a natural way. Wood is logged even in nature reserves and natural parks! Therefore it's time to say loud STOP! And to act.
That's why we are here. We want to be the alternative. The alternative formed by honest, incorruptible people, who simply "Protect forests".

Also on behalf of those, who don't have the time, knowledge, courage, or will to do so.

Koprova Valley
Koprova Valley - nature reserve in High Tatras with self-regeneration after the wind calamity in november 2004

Slovak bears in danger

From the international point of view, brown bear is an exceptionally rare animal endangered by extinction, which almost doesn't occur in Southern and Western Europe. In Slovakia, bear is classified as a year-round protected species with a social value estimated at 80,000 SKK and, under the Nature and Landscape Protection Act, it is prohibited to capture, injure or kill bears (Act no. 543/2002, regulation of execution No. 24/2003).

First private nature reserves

On 1st of April 2004, the regulation of the District Environmental Office in Prešov, by the force of which the private nature reserve "Vlčia" (Wolf Reserve) in Čergov Mountains is declared, and the ordinance of the District Environmental Office in Trenčín, by the force of which the private nature reserve "Rysia" (Lynx Reserve) in Strážovské Mountains is declared, come into effect. Both reserves are located in forests owned by the WOLF Forest Protection Movement and are the first private nature reserves aimed at forest protection in Central Europe. Nowadays, we already succeed in declaration or extension of several other state reserves - Udava, Kyjov forest and Bisce.